General information about our office

Who we are:

We started to run our office in January 1989. Our staff is 6 employees.

What's our business:

We deal cases at any place of Germany. We get orders from big and small companies, but even divorces with international spouses are no problem.

Our equipment:

To use E-Mail has become a self-evident matter. Please feel free to contact us.

Our office is equipped with hardware and software. Software is in parts developed by ourselves, but Big Bill Gates helped us a bit. When exchanging files please use Word 95 (7.0) and Excel 95 (7.0). Pictures can be sent in any possible way. Try it!

Our fees:

Our fees are regulated by a German law. Informations about the costs can be given in advance on demand. Instead of payment by law-taxes we can arrange a contract about our fees, traditionally a certain amount per hour or per day.

Unlike taxes of almost any other country our fees do not mainly depend on the time we spend dealing the case. The main point is the value of the case. This means that the fee is lower if the value of the case is low but it increases when the value increases. The schedule is difficult to handle so please just ask us.

Unlike regulations of many other countries in Germany in most cases the opposite party has to replace the costs of the attorney when loosing. Whenever you / your client is involved in a traffic accident in Germany in parts of completely innocent the opposite insurance company pays our bill. In many other constellations the system is similar, be it a renting or a buying case or anything else. Once again please feel free to ask.